Creation of Let’s Encrypt certificates for subdomain

Requirements: Have a domain, or DDNS service that is configured to point to the public IP of your NAS. Being able to open ports on the router Let’s say our domain is called and we want to create certificates for an application that is running in a docker container with port 5152. From your […]

Configuration manual for Pi-Hole

Once the installation of Pi-Hole is finished, we have to go to the configuration from the administrator panel via web, from a browser we have to indicate the Web address of the NAS and the port that we have assigned to Pi-Hole (http://192.168.1.xx:puerto/admin). Log in and enter your password by clicking on Login. Once inside, […]

Wireguard VPN Installation

  WireGuard is a VPN client-server that is easy to install and configure, fast and modern, as it incorporates the latest cryptographic algorithms to provide the highest possible security for communications. According to its developers, it is faster and simpler than any IPSec tunnel and also without having to rack our brains with its complicated […]

RSS settings in Download Station

Good everybody, let’s see how to add RSS feeds to the Download Station and thus automate the downloads.┬áThis is going to be a very short and simple manual. The manual is designed for, but it is valid for any site that supports this system. The first thing we have to do, logically, is to […]

Setting up a VPN on DSM and Xpenology with its Windows and Android clients

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is, to summarise and simplify a lot, a technology that allows us to connect several computers that are in different networks, as if they were in the same local network. Of course there is much more that could be said about this technology, its protocols and its advantages, but we […]

Automatic update of your containers

As we add more and more docker containers, it becomes very cumbersome to keep track of updates to the containers we have and even forget to update those that are in the background. There are several containers that do this job, such as watchtower, but in this case we’re going to use Ouroboros. Ouroboros updates […]

Pi-Hole installation guide on docker

Pi-Hole is a Linux network-level Internet ad blocker and tracker application that acts as a DNS filter (and, optionally, a DHCP server), designed for use on a private network. What is a DNS filter? A DNS filter, or DNS blocker, is a DNS server that provides false information to prevent the use of a domain […]

Issuing Let’s Encrypt certificates in DSM and earlier for Duckdns

Steps to obtain the certificate and/or renewal Have SSH access to the NAS. Have access to the root user. The process for doing this is available in the docked. Have Docker installed on DSM Open ports 20000 redirected to 443 and 20001 to 80 on the router. The 20000 and 20001 can be changed to […]

Installation of tvheadend and oscam via docker on Xpenology

We are going to proceed with the installation of tvheadend and oscam in docker on XPEnology to be able to watch TV through iptv in any part of our house or if we want to outside of it. If you don’t know how to install XPEnology here you have a great tutorial and another one […]

Installing Rclone on XPEnology

New entry for those who installed XPEnology following our tutorial. Rclone is ideal for those who have their media library in the cloud for plex/emby/kodi.   1- We connect viassh to our NAS. I recommend using MobaXterm wh ich can be downloaded from HERE. If you don’t think you will be able to follow the […]