What is Xpenology?

XPEnology is a Linux-based boot script that emulates a version of Synology and serves to install Synology software on our nas/server. It is open source and under continuous development which gives us the possibility to install it on x86 hardware.

By installing xpenology we can test Synology’s multimedia and cloud features.

If this is your best option it is always best to buy an original Synology, although we can also build our NAS with a more powerful processor or more RAM, for virtualization, video transcoding or video surveillance system.

It is more flexible than a NAS since we can modify and expand the equipment as we wish.

Of course, DSM applications can be installed in its package manager. It includes tools and packages such as git, mariadb, wordpress and of course docker which we will talk about on our website.

The minimum requirements for xpenology are as follows:


x86/64 preferably intel for compatibility with their igpu's.

RAM memory

Minimum 1 GB RAM upwards

Network card

Verified: Realtek 8118 or Intel 211/219

Hard disk / SSD

Indifferent, it all depends on your needs.


Pendrive of at least 128mb (yes, you read that right, megabytes)