Sample configurations

Hardware Sample configurations Below we show you a series of sample configurations that you may find useful, always remembering that they can be modified and adapted to the needs of each individual. But we believe it is convenient to offer a series of functional options to show in a practical way their combinations. Basic configuration […]


Hardware Box The case or chassis is where all the parts of a pc/server are kept for protection. The form factor of an enclosure can vary in size depending on the components inside. [amazon table=”2856″]

Power supply

Hardware Power supply The power supply is the electronic component that converts alternating current into direct current to supply the consumption of any electrical appliance. [amazon table=”2852″]

Hard disk

Hardware Hard disk A hard disk is the basic storage unit of any computer or NAS, allowing any digital file to be stored and retrieved. [amazon table=”2848″]

Ram Memory

Hardware RAM memory RAM, or Random Access Memory, is very fast and volatile, since when it is not receiving current it erases the information, it is used by the operating system and the programs of the pc that the processor will then execute. [amazon table=”2844″]


Hardware Processor The processor or CPU is the hardware responsible for interpreting the instructions of a program. Basically, we can say that it is the brain of any device, as it is responsible for reading, interpreting and processing all the information it receives, whether from the operating system or from applications. [amazon table=”2828″]


Hardware Motherboard The mainboard is where the other components of a computer are connected. There are two types of mainboards, those with integrated processors and those without. The minimum components required for this to work are: Power supply Processor RAM memory In some cases a graphics card or GPU is required. List of motherboards with […]

Full NAS

Hardware Full NAS A NAS or Network Attached Storage is a computer connected to the internet to store your data. Commercial NAS are not usually upgradable in their hardware beyond expanding the capacity of the hard drive or ram. In a NAS you can have a private cloud, your backups, your photos or multimedia files […]